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Fanooz fantasy golf stock market
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How many double-eagles were recorded on the PGA tour in 2004?

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For Advertisers

If you already have a GolfInvestors advertiser or hosting account, you can login below or on the Main Page, where an investor logs in (as you can use your advertiser account to also trade on the GolfInvestor stock markets).

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Below is information to help you make a decision whether or not to promote your organization or products on GolfInvestors.

General Overview of GolfInvestors

To learn more about GolfInvestors see "The Game" page and "The Company" page in the About Us section. You can do so by clicking on the respective links in the left side of this screen.

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User Demographics

We will not release demographic information for specific users and at no time will we give our database of users to a 3rd party. Individual user information is confidential under all circumstances. We will only show demographic information in an aggregate summary.

To see the latest compilation of user demographics in real-time, click on the link below.

Current User Demographic Summary

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Site Traffic

Since site traffic changes day by day, it is best to provide you access to our site logs via a 3rd party site traffic tool. So you can take a look at our Google Analytics (3rd party site log reporting) results at any time if you are a legitimate advertiser. Send us an email asking for access to our Google Analytics results along with the reason why you want to see them, and we will link your gmail email account (you must have a gmail account) to our Google Analytics results. Our Google Analytics results will show you the number of page views, visitors, visits (sessions), and more for the GolfInvestors web site.

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Benefits for Advertising on GolfInvestors

Below is a list of benefits for advertising on GolfInvestors and any of the GI Network of sites.

  • Targeted Affluent Audience
  • You Manage your Ad Orders through our Ad Management System
  • Flexibile Ad Order Configuration: timing, age and location targeting maximum impressions, ad art, and more
  • Access to Ad Reports in Real-Time

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Ad Management Software

GolfInvestors uses it's own web-based software to allow advertisers to manage their own ad campaigns. Along with the ability to add as many ad campaigns as you desire or need, you are able to choose maximum ad impressions for a campaign and target the ad campaign by user address (i.e. country, state, and zip code), and website section and page ( see list of sections ). Advertisers are able to have access to their account 24 hours a day with their chosen id and password.

The GolfInvestors ad management system can integrate with various other ad management systems, such as Doubleclick's DART application.

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As mentioned above, GolfInvestors has developed its own software to allow advertisers to manager their ad campaigns on This was done (vs. using a program like Doubleclick's DART application) to create more interaction between advertisers, sponsors, affiliates, and GI users over time. With this Ad Management system, an advertiser has 24 hour access to their ad orders and results. The status report shows you how many times your ad has been viewed and clicked on (i.e. click-throughs). You can sort these results by time, views/click through, location of user, and age bracket.

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Below is the inventory of ad placements on GolfInvestors:

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Below are the current advertising rate plans. Click on the name of the rate plan to see the details of that plan.

Plan Cost
Standard CPM Advertising Rate $6.00 per thousand of impressions (CPM)
Site Sponsor $500.00 per month
Market Sponsor (Tournament Market) $500.00 per market
Market Sponsor (Season Market) $3500.00 per market

Payment schedule is specific to the plan you select.

All invoices are available via your account in the Ad Management System. As well, invoices are sent via e-mail to the person listed as the main contact person for the advertiser in their Ad Management account profile. It is the responsibility of the Advertiser to submit their correct e-mail address. Invoices are not printed and mailed via the postal service.

If you do not care for any of the rate plans mentioned in the fee structure, feel free to submit a proposal on what you feel is a rate you feel comfortable with. Send the proposal via e-mail. We understand one size doesn't fit all. We will review each proposal on a case-by-case basis and have the right to approve and reject a proposal upon our discretion.

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All advertisements must conform to the following specifications.

For Images
Image Type: GIF
Dimensions: 468 x 60 pixels
234 x 60 pixels
120 x 90/60/30 pixels
140 x 400-800 pixels
150 x 400-800 pixels
Maximum File Size: 18K
Maximum Length of Animation: 30 seconds maximum (can loop)
Maximum Alternative (Alt) Text & Tag Text: 30 characters
Target URL: All URLs must be active at the time the ad is submitted

For Text
# of Text Characters: Must fit accordingly into the location where it is being presented on the site.
Format of Text: Text can be written in plain format or HTML format. If in HTML format, the text can include hyperlinks.

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Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions for advertising on and the GI network sites (affiliate sites) is a standard advertising agreement. It has many of the terms and conditions similar to advertising agreements of other well-known ad serving websites. You can always view the current GolfInvestors advertising agreement via the link below.

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Open an Account

It is simple to open an Advertiser account. Click on the 'Open an Account' link below and fill out the simple form and press submit. Away you go and are ready to start adding ad orders. Make sure to take a peak at the 'Get Started' guide for advertisers to learn about the first steps to take in advertising on GolfInvestors.

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