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Fanooz : Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (where fans contribute to professional golf)
fantasy golf stock market fantasy golf stock market
fantasy golf stock market
Fanooz fantasy golf stock market
fantasy golf stock market
fantasy golf stock market fantasy golf stock market fantasy golf stock market
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fantasy golf stock market
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fantasy golf stock market
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Who was the 1979 PGA tour money leader?
Jack Nicklaus
Tom Kite
Johnny Miller
Tom Watson
Calvin Peete
Craig Stadler

fantasy golf stock market
fantasy golf stock market
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
fantasy golf stock market
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding GolfInvestors.

If you do not see a question in the list below which relates to the question you have, please contact us directly with the question. The more questions users ask, the more questions and answers we can post here for the general public to view and learn from.

What is GolfInvestors?

In a nutshell, GolfInvestors is a collection of industry-specific stock markets (golf-related) with an accounting system integrated into it to allow for easy revenue and expense allocation (from the golfer's perspective) and real-time, non-fraud financial reporting (from the investor's perspective).

The collection of stock markets which GolfInvestors runs contain both real and fantasy (simulation) markets. These markets enable investors to buy and sell shares of professional golfers and professional golfers to raise money for their tournament golf endeavors.

To learn more about GolfInvestors see "The Game" page and "The Company" page in the About Us section. You can do so by clicking on the respective links in the left side of this screen.

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How long has GolfInvestors been around?

The GolfInvestors concept was put into operation in 1999 by John Mueller and Mark Miller. The first market run by GolfInvestors was a simulation (fantasy) market for the 1999 World Cup.

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How do I get started?

There is a nice 'Get Started' guide for first time visitors. It lists the different type of users which you can select from. Each user type on that page has a link which will take you to a more detailed explanation of how you can get started on GolfInvestors based upon what user type you are.

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Does it take real money to trade on the markets?

No, it is not a requirement that you need real money to trade on all of the GolfInvestor markets. You do not need any money to trade on the 'simulation' (fantasy) markets. These 'simulation' markets allow you to trade for fun, learn from your experiences, and compete with other investors to better them in acheiving higher net asset values (NAV) in your portfolios.

However, for the 'real' markets, you will need to transfer real money into your GolfInvestors account before you can begin trading on these markets. Real money is a real investment in a golfer and must be taken seriously. The 'real' markets are where you transact in real financial currency and have a chance to improve your investment in a golfer. However, 'real' markets are also where you can completely lose the money you invest in a golfer, just like with any equity investment.

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Do we raise the money for you?

No, we do not raise the money for you. GolfInvestors is a platform and a system to allow you (or your advisor) to raise funds to play professional golf. We have templates of documents that you can use. But due to the need to be unbiased to all golfers in the system, we can not advise you on the terms and actively approach potential investors on your part. We can only make sure that you adhere to the regulations of the GolfInvestors system.

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