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Fanooz : Player Profile : Jordan Spieth : Tournament Results and Earnings (where fans contribute to professional golf)
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Player Profile : Jordan Spieth : Tournament Results and Earnings
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Jordan Spieth [ JOSPH* | 20142 ]
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Tournament Results for Spieth

This page shows the tournament results for each tournament Spieth has played in or is currently playing in. The earnings for each tournament will be shown once they have been distributed for a tournament and entered into the system. Use the fields in the Filter or the Predefined Filter Settings to receive a customized list of tournament results and earnings. If you are looking for tournaments which Spieth will play in the future, look at the 'Schedule' page for Spieth.

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The Results Summary is shown at the bottom of the page after the list of tournaments.
Name: Date:
Score [ w/ rank each round ] Rank




1 S  O Genesis Open
Feb 15-18, 2018
71 70 69 67 277 -7 9 $180,000
30 u42 26 u4 20 u6 9 u11 3- | 5+  
2 S  O AT&T Pebble Beach Pro Am
Feb 8-11, 2018
72 66 70 71 279 -9 20 $80,167
64 u14 21 u43 16 u5 20 d4 1+ | 9+  
3 S  O Waste Management Phoenix Open
Feb 1-4, 2018
72 70     142 E 73
82 d16 73 u9         1+ | na MC
4 S  O Sony Open in Hawaii
Jan 11-14, 2018
69 68 66 66 269 -11 18 $75,463
55 u17 48 u7 28 u20 18 u10 1- | 6+  
5 S  O Sentry Tournament of Champions
Jan 4-7, 2018
75 66 70 69 280 -12 9 $185,000
30 d13 13 u17 9 u4 9 nc 12+  
========== ==========
Only the top 25 results in the list are being shown. Login to your account to see the complete results.
========== ==========

The 'S' next to each player stands for 'Analysis'. By clicking on the 'A' next to a player you will be able to see the detail analysis for the player for the selected tournament. The detail analysis includes how the player did in the past instances of the tournament and the tournaments leading up to the current instance of the tournament.

"0" signals a tournament is an Official Money tournament for the associated tour.

Highlighted row signals a tournament is a "Major".

The Rank - Move column for the first round, since there is not a previous round to compare the first round to, is based upon the number of players in the field divided by half. So if there are 150 players in the field, the Rank - Move figure is based upon 75. In this example, players then with a rank less than 75 would show a rank movement of 'up' and players less than 75 would show a rank movement of 'down' for the first round. Every round after the first round has the Rank - Move figure based upon the current round as it compares to the previous round played by the player.

The cell below the Score - Total and Score - Par columns shows the player's cut differential (number of strokes which the player made or missed the cut by), as well as the number of strokes behind the leader if the player made the cut.

Results Map

Below is a map showing where this week's tournaments are being played around the world. Each tournament is indicated with a marker that has the tournament's associated number shown in the list below the map. Click on a marker to see the name of the tournament and more details regarding the tournament.

Please wait, as the map is loading...

Results Summary *

Below are summary figures for the player based upon their results in the list of tournaments shown above.

Earnings: $520,630 Average Tournament Earnings: $104,126
Average Round Earnings: $28,924 Average Stroke Earnings: $418
Tournaments Played: 5 Rounds Played: 18
Total Strokes: 1,247 Scoring Average: 69.28
Scoring Analysis
  RD 1 RD 2 RD 3 RD 4 Overall
Low 69 66 66 66
Average 71.8 68.0 68.8 68.3 69.3
High 75 70 70 71 75
Ranking Analysis
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Top 10
  RD 1 RD 2 RD 3 RD 4 Overall
Best 30 13 9 9
Average 52.2 36.2 18.3 14.0 31.7
Worst 82 73 28 20
# of 1sts 0 0 0 0 0
# of Top 10 0 0 1 2 3
Cut Analysis **
Cuts Made Cuts Missed Cut Differential Cut Differential
when Cut Made
Cut Differential
when Cut Missed
(avg: -0.4)
(avg: -1.0)
(avg: +2.0)
Results by Year Results by Month
Year US $ %
2018 $520,630 100.0%
Month US $
Jan $260,463 50.0%
Feb $260,167 50.0%
Results Charts ***
Click the links below to see the desired chart in a popup window
Results Chart: Earnings
Results Chart: Scoring Average
Scoring Average
Results Chart: Scoring Average Relative to Par
Scoring Average relative to Par
Additional Charts: Rank Trend
Sanctioning Tours
Tour Name # of Tournaments %
US PGA Tour 5 100.0%

* Results Summary figures do not include the tournaments which are currently being played. Results from tournaments currently being played will not factor into the results summary figures until a day after the tournament is completed.

** Cuts Analysis figures only include medal play tournaments. They do not include match play tournaments.

*** The Results Charts use the starting and ending dates of the tournaments in the list. So even if the tournament list does not show tournaments in between the start and end dates based upon the filter selected, the charts will still use data from all tournaments which the player has played in between those starting and ending dates. For example, if you have selected to show only MAJORS for the player from 2007-01-01 to 2007-12-31, the charts portray data from all of the tournaments that the player has played between 2007-01-01 and 2007-12-31 and not just the data from MAJORS.



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