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What does the group going off #10 in Round 1 at 1:21 PM EST at the 2005 US Open have in common?
All are amateurs
All played on the same college team
All are lefties
All are from Texas
All have won one major
All last names begin with the same letter

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Player Profile : Des Smyth
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Des Smyth [ DESMH* | 716 ]
Worldwide Career Tournament Earnings: $4,784,998**
Nationality: Ireland
Residence: Drogheda,
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Tournament Schedule Tournament Results (183) Equipment in the Bag (0) Pictures (1)

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Latest News Articles from around the Web on Smyth
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Weekly 18: The playoffs system isn't perfect, but it's better than last year Article Capsule, with summary, picture, associated players, and related news and analysis items
[ Aug 18, 2008   |  Source: ESPN   |  Author: Jason Sobel   |  Access: Free ]
Usually winning alone is enough motivation for PGA Tour pros. The rush of finding the victory circle or the elation of posing for photographs while clutching an oversized check can inspire any elite player into competing at the top of his game. [Read More]
Champions Tour player's son wins $15 million lottery
[ Aug 15, 2008   |  Source: Golf Channel   |  Author: Associated Press   |  Access: Free ]
Des Smyth hasn't won a Champions Tour event in three years, but his family won’t have any problems paying the bills. Smyth’s son, Gregory, 24, won a lottery in Ireland worth nearly $15 million, according to PGA TOUR officials. [Read More]
Ozaki forced to speak about his lead at En-Joie
[ Jul 4, 2008   |  Source: Google   |  Author: Associated Press   |  Access: Free ]
Endicott, New York -  Joe Ozaki was so pumped after the first round of the Dick's Sporting Goods Open, he didn't mind doing most of the talking in his halting English. Then again, there was no alternative. [Read More]
Dredge and Dodd aim to keep Wales smiling
[ Mar 17, 2008   |  Source: European PGA Tour   |  Access: Free ]
Bradley Dredge and Stephen Dodd will attempt to keep the smile on the face of Welsh sport this week when they return to the country of one of their greatest triumphs to compete in the Madeira Islands Open BPI – Portugal at Santo da Serra. [Read More]
Golfer Bernhard Langer seeks to buck the odds at Valencia
[ Mar 13, 2008   |  Source: Los Angeles Times   |  Author: Jim Peltz   |  Access: Free ]
The two-time Masters champion, who won last week at Newport Beach, hopes to become the first player on the 50-and-over Champions Tour to win the two West Coast tournaments in the same year. [Read More]
Adams Golf Announces 2008 Tour Staff
Off-Season Signings Significantly Boost PGA Tour Presence
[ Jan 24, 2008   |  Source: The Wire   |  Author: Jeff Wood   |  Access: Free ]
Plano, Texas -  Adams Golf (OTCBB:ADGO) has significantly invested in its tour strategy for 2008. In 2007, nine Adams Golf tour staff pros combined to win 12 times on the Champions, Nationwide and LPGA Tours. [Read More]
Late surge earns Smyth another 'mulligan' in US
[ Oct 30, 2007   |  Source: Independent UK   |  Author: Karl MacGinty   |  Access: Free ]
Des Smyth jokingly describes the Champions Tour as "the greatest mulligan in golf" yet it took true grit for the Irishman to carve out yet another year for himself on the dollar-rich US Seniors circuit in 2008, WRITES KARL MacGINTY. [Read More]

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