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Fanooz : Tournament : 2005 Hy-Vee Classic (where fans contribute to professional golf)
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Jose Maria Olazabal won the 1984 British Amateur?

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Tournament : 2005 Hy-Vee Classic
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2005 Hy-Vee Classic

2005 Hy-Vee Classic

Location:   Johnston, Iowa, United States
Course:  Hyperion Field Club [ map-it ]
Date:  Jun 16-19, 2005
Sanctioned by: WSGT Women's Senior Golf Tour
Official Money Tournament
This Year's Champion: Kathryn Young-Robyn ($75,000)

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Ballesteros eyes Spanish comeback
[ Mar 31, 2005   |  Source: BBC   |  Access: Free ]
Spanish legend Seve Ballesteros plans to return to action at the Spanish Open on 14 April, following a 17-month absence because of injury problems. [Read More]
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after 2 rounds (finished)
Top Contenders
1 K. Young-Robyn -4 $75,000
2 L. Shanahan Rowe -3 $33,500
2 C. Miller -3 $33,500
4 B. Moxness -2 $14,500
4 D. Coe-Jones -2 $14,500
4 A. Dibos -2 $14,500
7 M. Nause -1 $9,568
7 E. Crosby -1 $9,568
7 S. Little -1 $9,568
10 A. Finney +1 $8,055
T - traded on an active market
last updated Aug 20, 2005 03:57
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Tournament ID: 1046


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