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Fanooz : Tournament : 2018 Sony Open in Hawaii : Picks (where fans contribute to professional golf)
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Tournament : 2018 Sony Open in Hawaii : Picks
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Tournament : %%TOURNAMENT%% : Picks
2018 Sony Open in Hawaii

Below is a list of the top picks, along with the list of each user which has entered picks, for this tournament. If you want to jab with another user about their picks, you can do so in the tournament discussion forum for this tournament or in the dedicated picks discussion forum.

User Picks Summary
Number of Players Picked Number of Users Submitting Picks
5 1

Top User Picks (5)
  Player Num Users Earnings Score Rank
1 Brian Harman (S) 1 100.0% $256,267 -15 4
2 Russell Henley (S) 1 100.0% N/A -1 (MC) 77
3 Si-woo Kim (S) 1 100.0% $13,578 -5 58
4 Marc Leishman (S) 1 100.0% $15,925 -7 47
5 Justin Thomas (S) 1 100.0% $108,500 -12 14

List of User Picks (1)
  User Pick 1 Pick 2 Pick 3 Pick 4 Pick 5 Total
1 John Mueller Brian Harman (S)
-15 | 4 | d2
Justin Thomas (S)
-12 | 14 | d5
Marc Leishman (S)
-7 | 47 | u3
Si-woo Kim (S)
-5 | 58 | u7
Russell Henley (S)
MC | -1 | 77 | nc
$394,270 $78,854 40.0

If the tournament has results entered then with each player which a user has selected there will be the player's score relavent to par, their respective rank in the tournament, and their forecasted earnings based upon their current rank. The list of users will be sorted by user's last name.

If the tournament has finished and the earnings entered, the actual earnings (not forecasted earnings) will show for each player. The total for each user's picks will then be shown in the Total Earnings column and the list will be sorted by Total Earnings in descending order to show which user had the best picks for the tournament.

The "u" and "d" figures after each player's rank represent how many places the player moved up or down in a round as it compares to the previous round. If the player did not move places in the current round, "nc" (no change) will be chown. The aggregate movement of places in the current round compares to the previous round for all of a person's players is shown in the "Avg Rank" column.

The "LB" in the last row of each column is a link to the external leaderboard. It allows users to take their picks to their own site and see the leaderboard results for their picks.


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